Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Sounds To Pass The Night

I've just downloaded the new Pearl Jam album Backspacers and the Alice In Chains album Black Gives Way To Blue.  Its really excellent that these grunge bands from the early 90's are still going strong.

I havent listened to the Alice In Chains album yet but I've given the Pearl Jam album a couple of trys and I have to say its sounding really good.  It starts off quite slow but from about song five it really comes into its own and the song "Just Breathe" sounds like an old classic which could have been on Vs or Vitalogy and all the songs after that sound really good and original.  Something I've noticed about the songs is they are all about 3 and a half minutes long so they are short and sweet.

Eddie Veddar's vocals are his best for about four albums and he sings really well on this album.  I am going to burn the album to a cd so I can play it while I'm listening to my Hi-fi and not just be tied to the computer,  if I get a spare few pounds I am actually going to buy the album because I believe in purchasing albums that I like and not solely downloading them for free.  Its only fair

Pearl Jam are probably my favourite band of all time apart from Metallica because their first few albums are so good and theirs not another band who you can sing along to as well as Pearl Jam.

I actually bought Ten the first day it was released when no one had even heard of them and my freinds were saying to me why are you buying that, but I was one of the few people who had sky tv back in 1991 and "Alive" was always on MTV and I really got to like it.  On that day I bought Ten, an X-men comic called "Days Of Future Past" and a couple of acid's for me and Masty. We took the acid's and I put "Alive" on and it sounded like the drummer was playing the drums in my living room and also the speed of the song was so slow you could hear every part of the song clear as day, but I have to mention that we also sat and watched German bombers fly accross my living room ceiling, my god never again.  You can't really explain what its like to be on acid, you have to do it to have even the vaguest idea,  you really know you've took drugs and its truely mind altering.  I would never do it again because it is just too much,  you are just too much out of it for it to be comfortable or enjoyable.  The word "Tripping" is probably the right word to describe what your going through.  The only experience i ever had which can hold a candle to taking acid is when I took a hash yougurt a few years later, that really was one of the worst experiences I have ever had, just when you thought you had got over the worst of the trip it just got heavier and this went on for about 18 hours, I remember listening to David Bowie and I felt as though the guitarist was playing his guitar standing next to my bed right next to my ear I could hear every guitar note he played so clearly.  Drugs are really quite dangerous because you don't know what your going to get with them, you could take them one time and be fine and be able to control their effect on you and your behaviour but then you could take them the next week and their a lot stronger and you are totally out of your head and behaving in a totally fucked up manner.  Thats why I stopped taking Ectasy years ago, after a few weeks of doing it I decided that they were just getting me too much out of it and I couldnt trust myself on them as I was prone to doing anything on them,  i mean on Eccies you would get periods of time lasting from minutes to hours when you couldnt remember what you got up to but you knew it was madness.  You would start talking a load of crap as well, I remember when out of nowhere I came out with I had to transfer that cash from the bank to rangers, I mean whats that all about and it wasnt as if i'd fallen assleep and I was dreaming or anything, these outbursts would come out right in the middle of other conversations, Its just that I'd totally lost it for a minute, thats dangerous if you ask me.  Thats why I liked speed, because it gave you a lift but you were'nt out of your head, you could still function normally and not seem as though you were mad with it, only when you had been on it for about 24 hours did you start to trip a little bit and could think really fucked up thoughts because your brain was racing that much.

When i think about it drugs are'nt really that smart because they're just too unpredictable and your never fully in control of how they will effect you.

Anyway maybe in my next post I'll recall some of my drug experiences and share them with you but for now I'll say over and out.

God Bless


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