Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Rapture Or Not?

I'm currently in confusion about what to think because I have been watching a lot of the God Channell and watching people like Chuck Missler's programs. And in all the stuff I'm watching the people who are talking in them all seem to believe in the idea of The Rapture and I'm not sure if I do. Its quite a new idea for me and my church don't seem to teach anything regarding it so I'm not sure if they have a belief in it at all.

To all those who don't know The Rapture is the belief that all believeing christians will be raptured or taken up out of the world to heaven before the prophecised time of tribulation starts so they don't have to endure all the troubles that are coming to the world when God pours out his wrath and people like the Anti-christ appear on the planet.

The problem I have with the idea is I don't see how God could justify to the people he left behind to experience all the troubles that will befall them as to why he saved some people but not them. Even if these people come to believe in God eventually I know if it was me I would still feel a bit hard done by. I know I would wonder why their had to be a time of tribulation at all if God is a gracious God.

So if anyone can help me out please feel free to posting a comment with your views and it will be happily received.

Anyway God bless,



William Murray said...

My spiritual outlook and and maturity towards what the purposes and plans of gods has thankfully moved on and my understanding of what and why we should have a submissive and reverent fear of god and his wrath and the reason for this is because he has always stressed that he is a jealous god who is slow to anger but who is true to his word who entered into a covenant which every one of his creations agreed to agree and adhere to which is secured and sealed with a spoken and soloem oath between us and him and through all time and all the ages he has stayed true to this contract while we as a people and nation have constantly and consistiently shown basic disregard and broken its basic requirements and stipulations time and time again and legally breaking a contract brings with it a penalty or punishment by doing so that has to be paid for as the subject and contract must be justified or it would have never have had any point or purpose for it being served and arranged between two parties in the first place and any and every oath that it's taken is definitely and completely binding and any promise that is made must be fulfiled by law especially the agreement between creator and the created and the alligance between the two with the created always being subjective to its creator, god provided certain promises to us that would be brought into force by our compliance and behaviors according to his commands and decrees but god has never broken a single promise he has ever made but there are many that are still too be fufilled

William Murray said...

I just read the comment below and I'm surprised because apart from the lack of full stops and therefore mostly just one sentence(which also gives it some character) it is actually pretty well enough written.