Wednesday, December 16, 2015


You can't believe what you've heard
You can't believe what was said
Thinking I've been putting you down

You can't believe the truth for the lies
You can't believe the reasons and why's
Thinking that you're secrets have been spread about

You've taken things all wrong
You've not seen where I was coming from
You can't see the full picture

Your not listening to what was said
Your not seeing what was meant
You feel that it's all about you, which it was

You must realize that nothing was meant
You must realize that nothing was contrived
Any pain you felt wasn't my intent
I was thinking of you, but bringing you down
It was all said in loving confidence
I maybe shouldn't have opened my mouth
I maybe should have watched what I spoke about
But I was only looking for some guidance and advice
On how best to help you in your life

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