Thursday, January 16, 2014


I stare at there faces blankly
Most people who treat others impaitently
I dont trust their distrust
Instead of giving their best they will give their worst
I suss out their schemes systamticaly
But hide my feelings from them by counting 1, 2, 3.,..
Most people think i dont see their dexterity
Constantly changing their point of view to mask their true mentality
If you truely wanted only what was good for me
Try first listening and then see what i see
Conspiracy theories and spiritual beliefs are part of what makes me me
If you really wanted me to get on you would simply let me be
If you honestly love someone you will strive to let them be free
Not simply out of your way, no hassle and under lock and key
Because my mind, body and soul are not yours to easily discard
I'm not going to walk another hospital Ward

Most people think im caught in a bubble
My actions causing nothing but trouble
But i know what really bothers you
It's simply you don't know what i might just do.

Just like a car driving too fast
You think you will be first but you will be last
When you eventually veer out of control
Don't count on me to come save your soul
But don't get me wrong,  i will always try to help you if in need
And it won't be just because i am full of speed
Listen there is something i want to get straight here
I know you are completely full of fear
People, places, situations and other kinds of shit
And the spiritual energy that they usually transmit
Havent stopped me from trying to find out
What this world is really about
And even though i know that my every move is mapped
I simply refuse to feel that i am trapped
But I can see that you truly feel like your caught in a vice
You gamble your life like a throw of the dice

Most people think im caught in a bubble
My actions causing nothing but trouble
But I know what really bothers you
Its simply you don't know what I might do

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