Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am currently drawn to look at websites and documents which claim too expose the truth about the current world events, happenings and position. These sites contain information which isn't normally accessible through establishment sites and webpages. This has lead to me picking up a lot of different ideas on the way the world is run and the way it should be run.

 I don’t go and read mainstream "News" websites like the BBC and CNN because these sites are set up to feed you with useless information jazzed up to seem important. Their constantly changing "News" is a trick to stop you thinking or researching real, detailed and significant content which actually expands your knowledge and understanding of different subjects and topics. If you think about it normal "News" sites leave you with no short term memory, for instance if you were asked to recall the headlines from a previous day on one of these sites most of us would fail to remember what the majority of them were. This is because we are bombarded with numerous topics which even if they could relate to each other are presented as individual and unique stories so there is always another story for you to read so you forget the one before, for instance the BBC "News" Front page breaks down to fourteen different categories with at least seven headlines for each one. That's 98 possible stories for you to take in which is a high number to digest and most of these stories aren't really important but are fleeting bits of current affairs and trivia. If we are only absorbing the constant changing and rehashed "News" pieces we have no space in our brains to absorb real information which can increase our real levels knowledge and insight. This type of "News" stops us from thinking because we just lazily accept the cannon fodder served to us and don’t actually use our brains to engage and research real topics like the various and extremely numerous different (what are deemed by the general mainstream journalists and people who most of the masses trust as authority figures in the government, business and academia as mere insanely contrived by complete nuts and crazies) conspiracy theories and alternative opinions on a enormous range of topics. We don’t learn anything new because the mainstream "News" stories are in reality irrelevant to our real lives and you cant apply anything they tell you to improving these said lives.

 We don’t need to access the usually predictable and similar sites because their is a wealth of information and facts out their detailed in less popular domains. If you really want to learn something then all you have to do is search for it and you will come up with a lot of different places which give you relevant information and you can use more than one source to confirm the facts, all you have to do is think about what you are learning and use your discernment to decide what you take from any one source.

 A website I use to increase my knowledge is Stumbleupon, this sites provides you with access to lots of different types of sites, the information gets varied and you find pages you otherwise wouldn't have looked at.

 I also like to read the Wikipedia site because this explains topics and subjects in detail without the sometimes biased conspiracy point of view

. In conclusion we don’t have to be submissive and un-involved slaves to items and "News" trivia of no real worth either intellectually, psychologically or spiritually and which will likely contain nothing of any real importance to our live's but instead can become free thinkers and students of the truth, instead of just processing multiple items of instantly forgettable information which is really irrelevant. We can instead educate our brains with facts and opinions which would expand or minds and learn us real truths about who really runs the world behind the scenes and how they manage to do it while pulling the wool over the mass populations eyes by means of misleading, confusing and distracting them like a magicians sleight of hand drawing their attention away from what is really going on and the actions they are carrying out presently and what the plan for the world in the future and most of the people in it by the trick of convincing us that trivia and celebrity are items of "News".


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