Thursday, December 30, 2010


The mind just runs all the time
Some of the thoughts I think just can't be mine
The words I say are far from Kind
I'd show you the truth but I'm worried what you might find

There are many things hidden from view
If you truly knew me you'd be in a select few
Its not that I tell everyone lies
Its just that I'm not that good at answering people's "whys"

My feelings are kept under lock and key
Because I feel if I show them people will really see
The life that I sometimes act out
Isn't necessary what I think its all about

I'd like to change but don't know how too
Wish the person I was was just someone I knew
Never been good at taken others advice
I tried once but don't want to make the same mistake twice

Sometimes think that some-things controlling me
Filling my actions with distrust and deceit
Deep down I want too and be good
And some-things telling me that I should

I know I can beat this thing inside of me
And finally I'll truly be free
No more listening to the voice in my head
Just repeating I'd be better off dead

Above is a poem that I created between the 29th and 30th of December. I don't neccessarly think its totally auto-biographical but I must admit that I've been guilty to some of the sentiments in it in the distant and not to distant past.

Hope you enjoy and get something from it.

Respect and God bless

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