Saturday, September 25, 2010

Videos of what i suspect to be some kind of UFO's.

Below is a selection of videos that I've captured over a few nights featuring objects which I can honestly say are in fact some kind of UFO's because I believe theirs no way that they can be stars, I say this because when you normally view one star there is usually others surrounding it but in these videos the objects are clearly the only thing in the sky, stars don't tend to flash in and out the way that the captured objects seem to and whatever these things in the sky are they appear to be to close to be stars. The videos were only captured on a couple of mobile phones camera which ar'nt very powerful so the images might seem a little small but I can ensure you when seen by your own eye they are somewhat large(too large to be any star that I know of) imposing and very surreal and strange to look at. All I ask you is to not simply dismiss my evidence without giving the videos a close study and with a number of views so you can be certain of your conclusions. I do of course appreciate that I could be wrong and what I've been viewing is something entirely natural and explainable but as of yet nothing has been revealed to convince me of that. Happy viewing.

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