Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Theirs nothing worth believing in
Except perhaps in each other
No point in worshipping someone
Who doesn’t seem to care

If all they say is true
About our great lord and Saviour
Then he must be blind or not see
That his children are killing each other

It seems nothing in this life is safe to trust
Misery and pain is unavoidable, a must
War and thugs, poverty and drugs
Money and power make us even worse

Would it matter if we ever tried?
Seems like noting but hurt in this world
The quicker we get through
The better for me and you

So I’m standing on my own
Looking straight down at the ground
Trying to avoid look and stares
From people who are all around

They say their must be a million different ways
That u could pass your days
Theirs plenty of things to do
All u fucking have to do is look

Get yourself out, stop lying about
Get some pride, take a look at yourself
Another one who slowly faded from view
That’s what people will remember if they ever think of you

It wasn’t always the same
Things used to be clear to me
I wish they were again
Then I could be just the way I used to be

I know I’ve changed
Different from the person u used to know
I wonder if this means
I'm any worse or better than before

So I stare at myself
Trying to find someone I used to know
U know what I see
The person staring back is just an older version of me

U know Life is something we all share
That links people from everywhere
Long or short, its time were given
So fuck dying, let’s start living

N'Time is something we can’t control
Ticking away like a dope hip-hop beat
The end is never far away
So we had better get some laughs today

Maybe it’s not worth believing in
Heaven n hell, angels and sins,
But if we do survive we'll be fucked
If we keep saying this life sucked

I feel its time to move on
Let’s pretend we get along
So let’s get that bass boosting
U know I think I feel a song coming on!

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