Wednesday, January 02, 2008


First and foremost i would like to wish everyone who reads this a very good new year.

This year is going to be all about changes for me, I am going to change the way i act, think and make decisions. I hope to improve everything about my life.

The biggest change i want to make is how i act towards and regarding my family. I believe i have been taken them for granted a little bit and want to stop this. I will take time to make decisions with my family in mind.

I am not going to make this a long post as i hope to post more articles regularly this year.

Again, I hope you all have a fab new year.

God Bless



modiplop said...

hey ya big sexxy bugger. couldnt leave a comment on yer photo blog so needs to be here. hope yer doing well. love ya spex

Anonymous said...

Thanks marky boy. I love you and miss you. Get in touch and we'll get together.

William Murray said...

Marky modiplop my great and true friends and also one of my biggest regrets i hope you get this reply to your comment you posted on my blog just over 7 years ago because i honestly completely miss you and yearn for you and i hope one day you can forgive me for letting you down and seemingly not repaying you back the love and understanding that you had given and shown me but it was never intended that way, just back then just over a decade ago i was beginning to go through a traumatic period in my life which i am still recovering from and resulted in me being sectioned at four separate times and a complete and utter breakdown of who i was but don't get me wrong because i don't regret the destruction in my life and the loss of the sense of who i was because i was actually blessed with a remarkable gift that most others don't get to existence and experience and that was the opportunity to start again from the beginning and build my life back up according to my own insights and beliefs and values rather than those imposed on me by society or loved ones but the greatest gift i was given was to find(well he found me to be precise) a god who was and is real and who told me that 'he didn't care what i had done or what i was going to do or why I'd done the things I'd done or who I'd hurt or lied to or stole from or where I'd been and where i was going or the pain I'd caused nectarlbecause he did and always had and always would and would never stop loving me and being proud of me and that even though i hadn't felt it in a long time but i was a person who was cared for and was of great and worth to him and many others and that i would succeed in life and he laughed when i laughed and he cried when i cried and he promised if i just trusted him he would begin to lead me gently through the wilderness where at times i wouldn't feel like i couldn't see the forest for the trees but he would get me thru it till i entirely and eventually came out the other end into the clearly bright open fields of gold which i believe now i have begun to arrive at so i am ready to make amends to you