Thursday, June 07, 2007

Morning observations

I am just after walking home from ruchazie which was relaxing. When i got to Auchinlea Road i saw two deer run across the road and into the fields. It was a magical sight and made me realise how close we live to nature and the surrounding wildlife.

It gave me a sense of well being to see the deer and made me realise society is always on the doorstep of wildlife and we are only one step away from living the nomadic life with our animal friends.

It got me thinking about society and its rules.


Anonymous said...

So whit ye seen some deer! animals are all around!!!!!! And by the way its Ruchazie

William Murray said...

I know and realize exactly what you are and who you are working for but i hope one day you get out of the black hole you have been in and just be positive and happy that someone has had a genuinely uplifting, beautiful and meaningful spiritual experience rather than tying to drag them down into your pit by denouncing, demeaning, trivalizing and my or anybody else's happiness at simple things