Thursday, March 15, 2007


Spiritual awareness is something we all must find if we are too find our true selves. We must remember that we are not just humans but human beings. This means that as well as just being animals we are also beings of a different nature and that nature is spiritual.

This spiritual nature is bursting to get through in these times as people become more and more detached from the normal world through online pursuits like mobile phones and websites.

People are pretty alone so the only thing they have too turn too is their spirit, which will answer them.

I think times are past when people can just disregard the fact that we are made of spirit and physical being. A lot of scientific evidence points to the fact that there is other realms or parorel universes which seems to confirm what the physics have been saying for years; that things occur in different realms from what we know.

We are based in the five sensed reality when in truth there is other senses we can tap into like our spiritual sense.

I am going to keep this entry short as I don’t have much time but I will post again soon as I receive more spiritual insight.

God bless

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